Board of directors and auditors

The Board of Directors of Shepherd Energy AB

The Company’s Board of Directors works with strategic issues such as  determining risk limits, risk control, as well as management of the Company. The board of directors consists of Finn-Olav Berglie (Chairman), Christian S Jansen, Arne Österlind and Öyvind Nes.

Finn-Olav Berglie
Chairman, Shepherd Energy AB
Finn Olav Berglie, has extensive experience in sales and marketing from large and medium sized companies in Norway. Since 2005 he has been the CEO of his own investment company, Cayenne Invest AS. Berglie also has extensive experience as Chairman of a number of power companies; Navitas Nordic Trading AS, Navitas Capital Management AS and Censu Trading AS in the period 2002-2012. In addition to his duties as Chairman of Shepherd Energy AB and Shepherd Holding AB Finn-Olav is the Chairman of several smaller Norwegian companies. Finn-Olav has a degree in marketing.

Chrisian S Jansen
CEO and Board member, Shepherd Energy AB
Christian S. Jansen started his professional carreer in the Norwegian petroleum industry as a mechanical engineer from 1990 to 1993 before moving to the US for an MBA. Mr. Jansen has been actively managing hedge funds and investing in hedge funds since 1995. Mr. Jansen moved to Switzerland at the end of 1998 as a Partner with Plenum Investments Ltd. As CEO for Plenum Investments Ltd. Mr. Jansen built a platform offering FOF of mutual funds, hedge funds and structured products. In 2005 Mr. Jansen structured a team of Nordic electricity traders and founded the Plenum Power Fund and later in 2007 the Plenum Power Surge, both single manager energy funds focusing on Nordic electricity trading. Mr. Jansen sold his shares in Plenum Investments in 2007 and subsequently moved to Oslo and formed CSJ International AS. CSJ international AS is managing parts of Mr. Jansen’s private assets. Mr. Jansen is active on several boards including Odin Forvaltning, one of Norway’s largest mutual fund groups.

Arne Österlind 
Board member, Shepherd Energy AB
Arne has been working as a portfolio manager in the energy sector since 1995, when he started as an analyst and power trader at Fortum. Arne was one of the founders of Alfa Kraft AB, where Arne during the period 1998-2002 built up the business as head of the company´s power trading. Together with three colleagues Arne founded Shepherd Energy AB in 2002 and today he is the responsible manager of Shepherd Energy Portfolio. Arne is also chief analyst for the company´s research department. Arne has a Master´s degree in electrical engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Öyvind Nes Boardmember, Shepherd Energy AB

Lina Petrell
COO, Shepherd Energy AB
Lina Petrell is the COO of Shepherd Energy AB and Shepherd Holding AB. Lina is also Risk Manager at Shepherd Energy, with responsibility for daily risk control of Shepherds portfolios. Lina has extensive experience in the energy industry and has worked with energy trading and risk management with different types of players in the market. Her previous assignments have included the trading of physical power, trading in financial power derivatives, portfolio management, risk management, production planning, sales forecasting and quality development. She has also worked with sales, training, testing, implementation and project management for ETRM systems (Energy Trading Risk Management). Lina has university education in both Industrial Economics and Engineering and in Project Management and Organizational Development.

Malin Gustavsson
Auditor, Shepherd Energy AB
BDO is the elected audit firm for Shepherd Holding AB and Shepherd Energy AB. Malin Gustavsson is the responsible auditor at BDO. Malin is a Certified Public Accountant and licensed public accountant for financial companies.

BDO Mälardalen AB
Box 24193
10451 Stockholm
+46 (0)8 120 11 600