Shepherd Power Portfolio

Shepherd Power Portfolio - uncorrelated performance


Shepherd Power Portfolio is managed by Shepherd Energy AB, a securities company licensed and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen).
Shepherd Power Portfolio is a managed future portfolio in the Nordic Power Market. The Portfolio uses standardised futures, forwards and options, where all contracts are subject to clearing at Nasdaq OMX Commodities. The Portfolio can use leverage and establish long and short positions.

The Portfolio is managed by Jukka Virtala with over 25 years of experience from the Nordic power market. Jukka is supported by the Shepherd power analysts and trading team. The objective of the Portfolio is to generate an average yearly return of 15 percent in combination with a low correlation to traditional stock and bond markets.

The strategies in the Portfolio are based on Jukka’s understand-ing of the behaviour of the Nordic power market.  The main focus is on the Nordic hydrology, the supply curve, demand shifts, infrastructure (disruption of power grid) and thermal prices. The trading is discretionary, directional and trend follow-ing. Weather and the price structure are creating trends (hydro-logical balance is forced to compensate to either direction). Technical trading is an important part of the trading strategy to identify entry/ exit situations in the market. Every position always has a predefined stop-loss and partial profit taking levels. Positions are protected by trailing stops.

 Value growth in Shepherd Power Portfolio