Shepherd Energy Portfolio

Shepherd Energy Portfolio - investing in energy

Shepherd Energy Portfolio is managed by Shepherd Energy AB which is under the supervision of Swedish Financial Authorities. The Portfolio is investing in standardized electricity derivatives traded on the Nasdaq OMX Commodities.

Management of the Portfolio seeks to provide shareholders absolute, risk-adjusted return on invested capital in combination with one, over time, lower market risk than traditional equity funds. Traditional mutual funds are usually measured in relation to a share index. Shepherd Energy Portfolio has an absolute return objective, which means that the goal is to give positive return regardless of whether financial markets rise or fall. Yield goal is defined for a net return of 10-15% yearly, regardless of market developments and with limited risk.
The Porfolio is suiteable for institutional investors, corporations and wealthy individuals seeking to invest in the energy market. An investment in the Portfolio should be seen as a complement to investments in traditional equity and bond funds. 

Key Investor Information Doccument (KIID)

Value growth in Shepherd Energy Portfolio