Power Management of Power Portfolios

Power Management - hedge your power and balance exposure

Shepherd Energy´s power management services include portfolio management and risk management of client´s exposure in the Nordic power market. The services are of a financial character where Shepherd Energy manages the client´s underlying needs with tailored portfolio solutions based on many years experience. It may range from a total overview of power purchases to pure advice on suitable opportunities for securing prices for power. Shepherd Energy can also be of assistance while evaluating proposals of so that the client can be guaranteed to get the best and most advantageous physical supplier on the market.

The goal of power management services is to manage the increased volatility that players may encounter in the form of an ever more complex market which is integrated towards the market in the rest of Europe. This is achieved through securing prices for power at strategic points in time in order to balance risk while simultaneously not missing business opportunities. The services above are aimed at industrial companies, public administration, property companies, power producers, distributors of electricity and end users within base industries who have an exposure on the Nordic Market.