New owners strengthen Shepherd Energy AB

Shepherd Energy AB get"s a new group of owners when Jukka Virtala (Swedish), Finn-Olav Berglie (Norwegian) and Christian S. Jansen (Norwegian) through their investment companies acquirers the majority of the shares in Shepherd Holding AB / Shepherd Energy AB.

 Jukka Virtala, with more than 25 years’ experience from power trading, will be Portfolio Manager of a new power portfolio supported by Shepherd Energy’s strong research and trading team. Christian S. Jansen will take the role as CEO of Shepherd Energy and Lina Petrell will take the position as COO of the company and continue to be responsible for the daily operation. Finn-Olav Berglie will continue as head of the board.

 Lina Petrell says that the current team is excited about the changes in ownership and management. She is convinced that the combination of Shepherd Energy’s experienced research and trading team, Jukka Virtala`s long experience from power trading, and Finn-Olav Berglie and Christian S. Jansen’s backgrounds from international hedge fund industry will strengthen Shepherd Energy"s reputation as a leader in Nordic power trading.