Analysis & Research

Shepherd Energy´s analysis services - for traders, by traders

Shepherd Energy has published analysis of the energy market commercially since 2003 for companies that have exposure to the Nordic energy market. Shepherd Energy analysis is among the most requested by managers and traders in the electricity market, and most of the players at Nasdaq OMX Commodities are on the client list. Shepherds analytical service comprises a weekly analysis and daily analysis of the market. The analysis service is available in Swedish.

The weekly analysis gives an up-to-date and broad analysis of the energy market. The analysis describes everything from the general economy in Europe to the market situation on the energy side (coal, oil, gas, etc.) The focus of the analysis is on the Nordic region’s power- and hydrological balance, as well as on the energy derivatives market Nasdaq.

Shepherd Energy´s daily newsletters deals with short-term trade in the energy market and gives an up-to-date summary of the overall state of the market as well as trading recommendations on a daily basis. Here, the analytical team does a thorough review daily of the physical power system with an estimate of the daily Nordic electricity spot price, as well as an overview of the weather situation.

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