2019-04-26 Prize in category Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall goes to Shepherd Energy Portfolio

The “Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall” title rewards the best fund in the Nordic hedge fund universe across all categories and strategies and is likely the most desired recognition at the Nordic Hedge Award. For 2018, Gladiator Fond managed by Max Mitteregger was named the best Nordic hedge fund of 2018. Second place goes to Shepherd Energy Portfolio, a multi-strategy futures-based trend-follower focusing on the Nordic power market.

With a cumulative return of 34 percent in the previous three years and a gain of nearly 14 percent in 2018 alone while most other peers showed losses, the team behind Shepherd Energy Portfolio proved their vehicle “represents an uncorrelated alternative to traditional asset classes that also generates a positive return on investment” according to lead portfolio manager Arne Österlind. The fund’s uncorrelated nature stems from a discretionary- and systematic-based investing approach that seeks to capture both short- and long-term trends in the Nordic electricity market.

Commenting on taking second place in the “Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall” category, Österlind says “it is truly an honor for us to have been placed so high in rankings given the fierce competition that exists from all the other skilled managers.”

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2019-02-12 Shepherd Energy Portfolio delivers best performance yet

When Shepherd Energy Fund was first launched in year 2004 it was one of the worlds first electricity funds. Today the fund is called Shepherd Energy Portfolio and is managed by Arne Österlind and Andreas Edlund.

In 2018 the portfolio had the best performance yet and delivered +13,8% which made the portfolio one of the top performers amoung hedge funds. Hedge Nordic met the management team to find out what makes the electricity market so interessting, how the porfolio trade in the market and what the managers see in the future. Read the full story here: 

One of World’s First Power Funds Achieves Best Year Yet 

2017-02-20 Shepherd Energy AB recruits Analyst Patrik Foberg

Shepherd Energy strengthens its experienced research team by recruiting Patrik Foberg from Los Energy Trading (ex. Telge Kraft). Patrik has worked as a power analyst at Telge Krafthandel AB  and as a macro analyst at Erik Penser Bank. Patrik will be working to analyze and develop prognosis models for the Nordic power market, produce Shepherd Energy"s appreciated market analysis as well as support Shepherds Energy"s Portfolio Managers.

 We are delighted that Patrik has chosen to join our team and look forward to take part of Patrik"s knowledge which will enable us to develop and renew our analyzes, says Arne Österlind, Head of Research.

2014-09-10 New owners strengthen Shepherd Energy AB

Shepherd Energy AB get"s a new group of owners when Jukka Virtala (Swedish), Finn-Olav Berglie (Norwegian) and Christian S. Jansen (Norwegian) through their investment companies acquirers the majority of the shares in Shepherd Holding AB / Shepherd Energy AB.

 Jukka Virtala, with more than 25 years’ experience from power trading, will be Portfolio Manager of a new power portfolio supported by Shepherd Energy’s strong research and trading team. Christian S. Jansen will take the role as CEO of Shepherd Energy and Lina Petrell will take the position as COO of the company and continue to be responsible for the daily operation. Finn-Olav Berglie will continue as head of the board.

 Lina Petrell says that the current team is excited about the changes in ownership and management. She is convinced that the combination of Shepherd Energy’s experienced research and trading team, Jukka Virtala`s long experience from power trading, and Finn-Olav Berglie and Christian S. Jansen’s backgrounds from international hedge fund industry will strengthen Shepherd Energy"s reputation as a leader in Nordic power trading.


2014-01-25 Shepherd Energy Portfolio shows best performance 2013

2013 the return in Shepherd Energy Portfolio was 5,75% while the last nine months saw a return of 11,46%.

 In april 2013 the management team had fully implemented the strategies and methodology that has been communicated to the external clients during several years. “We can see that our systematic approach has given a solid result where the strategies have been tested during a long period of time and have been developed from our fundamental view of the market, says the responsible portfolio Managers Andreas Edlund, Mattias Hellberg and Arne Österlind.

“We are hopeful that 2014 will be an even better year where the objective of the Shepherd Energy Portfolio is to achieve a yearly return of 10-15% with a high degree of risk control”.

Press clippings: Montel Online